In order for us to provide healthy and disease free rabbits, we maintain a CLOSED RABBITRY. Potential buyers will, however, be able to view enough of the building’s interior to observe the rabbits and the conditions they live under. We’re sorry, but no outside rabbits, dogs or cats may be brought onto the property. Thank you for understanding.

NOTE:We are a closed rabbitry offering a variety of multipurpose breed rabbits.

We breed beautiful heritage American Chinchilla and Giant Chinchilla Rabbit breeds, the luxurious Rex rabbits (in uncommon color varieties  (Sable, Chinchilla, Amber and Californian). Soon to come, we hope to have Champagne d’Argents available.

Information on rare heritage rabbits and other heritage livestock may be found at http://www.livestockconservancy.org.

Member of the following Breed and Livestock Associations:
National Livestock Conservancy
American Rabbit Breeders Association
Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Association
National Rex Rabbit Club
American Chinchilla Rabbit Breeders Association