MA’s Rabbitry offers several services to help others. Below is a short list of services and products available.

For ALL services there’s is a minimum of 5 rabbits AND maximum 30 mile radius. If you are further, travel charges will be added.

Tattoo service.
For $4.00 per rabbit we will visit and tattoo your rabbits at your choice of location. You do not need to provide any supplies for this except clean water.
Nail trimming service.
For $3.00 per rabbit, we will trim nails using our own supplies.
Transport service.
We attend several shows in Texas and Louisiana per year and often have room to transport either to or from shows. We can also transport to link with other transporters if we have enough participants to cover costs. This is subject to certain requirements including but not limited to the health of animal(s) being picked up or dropped off. Please contact us if you need transport. If I cannot, I can see if I know of others who can help.


Tattoo pen kits and replacement parts.
Please visit our tattoo pen kit page for details on pens, and contact us for replacement parts.
Wire nest boxes, customized to your specifications.
All wire boxes that are easy to sanitize between litters.
Wire carriers, custom sized to your specifications.